Promotional Toolkit


We invite you to use the materials of our promotional toolkit to promote ESRS 2018 within your network, social media platforms, lectures and meetings.

Help us to reach researchers and clinicians working in the field of sleep research and sleep medicine as well as everybody who want to join the 24th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society in Basel. 

Social Media

Post all materials on this page onto your Facebook page and other networks. Please add the hashtag #ESRS2018 to ensure that everyone, following the congress feed, gets to see it.

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ESRS 2018 Banners

Use ESRS 2018 banners to post on your website and event calendar, and as your email signature.​​

When posting the banner please have it linked to the ESRS website:

Banner blue: 

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Banner white:

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Banner blue with picture:

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Banner square:

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Kindly insert the advert and 1st Announcement in your journals, event programmes and post on notice boards in your hospitals, labs and institutions.

Advert Size 210 x 146,50: Please click here to download

Advert Size 210 x 280 : Please click here to download

1st Announcement:  Please click here to download

Further information

We would appreciate if you could inform us about your activities.

If you need any further information or material, please contact the ESRS Congress Secretariat.

Congress Secretariat

ESRS 2018
c/o Congrex Switzerland Ltd.

Reinacherstrasse 131
4053 Basel / Switzerland

+41 61 686 77 77

+41 61 686 77 88