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Nox Medical
Advances in Measurement to Improve Treatment for SDB

12:15 - 13:15
Hall C

S. Berg (Lund ,SE)

New approaches to improving the understanding of sleep apnoea pathogenesis and treatment

D. Eckert (Sydney ,AU)

Does effort matter? –The role of manometry in clinical phenotyping of sleep apnea

H. Hrubos-Strøm (Oslo ,NO)

Philips Respironics
The Future of Sleep Medicine

12:15 - 13:15
Hall B

L. Ferini-Stramb (Milan ,IT)


L. Ferini-Stramb (Milan ,IT)

Advances in telemedicine in the management of Sleep Disordered Breathing

V. Castronovo (Milan ,IT)

Novel approaches to improve sleep quality: slow wave enhancement

P.C. Cee (Chicago ,US)

Q & A


PMD Solutions
Population Screening - Effortlessly increasing patient coverage

07:15 - 08:15
Hall C

Population Screening - Effortlessly increasing patient coverage

M. Murray (Cork ,IE)

The histamine pathway: new hope in narcolepsy

13:05 - 13:55
Hall A

Introduction: the need for hope in narcolepsy

G. Plazzi (Bologna ,IT)

Journey of discovery: hypocretin-histamine interplay in narcolepsy

J.-S. Lin (Lyon ,FR)

New discovery. New hope. The experience for pitolisant in narcolepsy

Y. Dauvilliers (Montpellier ,FR)